Thursday, January 12, 2012

Better Life in 2012? Weight and See!

It's the second week of 2012 and this time I really am sticking to my number #1 resolution to lose a few pounds.  

You probably already know that losing a few pounds is one of the most common resolutions.  Did you know that January 9 is the most common day that people give up on thir resolutions?  Well, the Home Girl is no quitter, and the only kind of loser I want to be is "The Biggest", so I am steadily hanging in there.

There are all kinds of articles, websites and blogs offering helpful hints on how to best lose weight.  My favorite this year is  It's available as an app for your smart phone, your I-Pad or your Mac or PC.  ITS FREE! I  also like it because it makes you accountable for what goes into your mouth and it has almost every item I could think about eating and almost every (chain) restaurant's menu items and nutritional content listed in it's data base, so I don't have to spend a lot of time researching nutritional information and recording it in my data base.  I was very pleased when I pulled up HEB southwest spicy black bean soup and was able to find that in the data base.  Wow! a specific "generic" brand from my favorite grocery store.  Truly amazing.  Reports show that people who journal their diet lose twice as much weight as those who don't.  This app makes it easy to journal not only what you eat, but also tracks your exercise and your progress, and has the ability to invite friends to join in with you on the weight loss quest.   The home girl (along with thousands of other people ) gives this app 5 stars!

Another incentive that is inspiring me was initiated by Shane Tokheim at Alamo Title Company.  He invited just about every real estate agent and related business workers to join in our own Biggest Loser Contest.  This is not to be confused with the one on TV.  He gathered a group of 17 women and I think about 12 men who contributed to a pool to see who could lose the largest percentage of their body weight.  Sometimes it is just being surrounded, supported, challenged by and competing (all at the same time) with my peers that gives me the initiative to work out, cut calories and get healthy. 

A couple of co-workers stopped by the morning and offered their advice on what the do to succeed in the never ending "Battle of the Bulge".  Besides "Just Do It", a couple more I Phone apps that help are Run keeper and Map my run.  I am using my Garmin Forerunner watch and heart monitor, which tracks not only my milage, but my time and heart rate and syncs to the computer.

Being healthy will help with every aspect of my life.  Losing a few pounds (or more) won't hurt. Lighter Realtors move faster & have more energy.  Love that - "move faster".  That's what most of my clients want - a faster move - HA!  I work in a business that can truly zap your youth and vitality if you let it.  Easting healthy, exercise and holding myself accountable should help give me the energy to do not only the physical but the mental gymanistics to help my clients successfully.  Sounds like a win-win!   You are cordially invited to join me in my quest.  Sign up for myfitnesspal and "friend me".
If you have any apps , suggestions or comments, please leave them at this site.  If you just want to follow the home girl and see if I succeed or fail, click on follow me.    I will keep you posted!

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