Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's Cookin' at Legacy ??

I have something yummy in my car!  I'm sitting at my desk thinking about it. 

Most marketeers know that a way to a Realtors heart (and clients) is through their stomach. . . or something to that effect.  So, they feed us.  When we are not selling houses we get to go to coffees and lunches and dinners,  to great buffets and grand openings and even networking events.  All provide  great food and munchies.  They wine us and dine us.  It's a marvelous life for an agent/foodie.

Now if that were not enough, most agents also like to cook.  I mean, if home is where the heart is and the heart of the home is the kitchen. . . . I think I mean that you will find lots of agents in the kitchen, cooking their little hearts out when they are not out working with a client. 

With that thought in mind, the agents at my office (Keller Williams, Legacy) conceived a great opportunity to share our love for food with our clients, and give the proceeds to The Children's Shelter.  We would create our own cookbook! 

This morning, feeling very Paula Deen and inspired by Guy Fieri,  I made my very first vlog/cooking show.   First,  I selected the 1 dish Easy Cobbler Recipe provided by JJ Arida .  The recipe can be found in the KW, Legacy cookbook, and it's a piece of cake to make! Ha!  Watch the video - it took less than 5 minutes to throw together and cooks in 45.   It smells absolutely heavenly and I can't wait to try it. 

If you come by the Keller Williams, Legacy office on Sonterra, you can have a bite.  Oh, you can get a cookbook, too.  They are $11.00 and the proceeds to go to The Children's Shelter.  If you are not in San Antonio, let me know if you want a cookbook and we can make arrangements to get you one.  I apolgize for not being able to get you a bite of the cobbler, but I'm sure that will all be gone this afternoon. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie, I am still figuring out how all this works,I am slow but will get it. I also have a Blog site with BlogSpot, mine is www.prophecyandtoday.blogspot.com , a place to share,it's very new.

    Good to see you

  2. You are doing great the blogging! I love the video. You just might be the "new" Pioneer Woman!

    This video made me want to bake something! I hope the bake sale was a success.

    See you this weekend!

    Shannon :)